Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gapwise a Medical Scheme?

No, Gapwise is not a medical scheme. It is a stated benefit policy in terms of the Short-term Insurance Act 53 of 1998.

Can I have Gapwise instead of a Medical Scheme?

No, Gapwise can only be used in conjunction/addition to your medical scheme. You must first claim from your medical scheme before claiming from Gapwise.

Are there Exclusions and/or Waiting Periods?


  • A Standard 3-month waiting period applies.
  • Pre-existing conditions may be excluded for a minimum period of 12 months.
  • Policy specific exclusions apply:
    • First 6 months of the policy no benefit available.
    • 7 – 12 months after inception benefit payable rate of 50%.
    • 13 months onwards full benefits are available.

Note: The Policy Wording supersedes any marketing documentation and all benefits will be payable against the Policy Wording Terms and Conditions only. You can download a copy of the current policy wording here.

What if my Dependants are on Different Medical Schemes?

No problem – families on multiple medical schemes can be covered under one Gapwise policy.

How do I claim?

Download and complete the claim form, then scan it and email to, or mail it to:

My-Fin Financial Services
Postnet Suite 148,
Private Bag X3
Bloubergrant 7443
Western Cape, RSA

An online claim form will also be available soon.